Wednesday, December 19, 2012

wrapping up the blog hop

Caroline won the big prize I guess so she will recv the images that she did not win in the daily contest---I will have to figure out what those are so Caroline contact me please. I didn't find that there were any comments that were particularly clever , witty or deserving of a prize so I have picked one at randon: Karen CDecember 12, 2012 6:00 AM This is how I feel after three runs on the Christmas train as Mrs. Claus and then a stage performance as Belle in A Christmas Carol II in the same evening... Love her! LOL Karen ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Karen will win 3 brand new unpublished digis-so Karen C please contact me at Rick St dennis ===================================================================================== Have a wonderful Holiday-I am just recovering from about 10 days of flu so sorry I didnt get the hop wrapped up sooner

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DAY 13

I don't remember whose idea this image was-Miranda or Suzi I think-just sort of an offhanded do you think such and such would be too over the top?
So I gave it a go-I have done special lighting effects on the smple to give it mood-think...Blade Runner...
Thanks for supporting our blog hop, have a wonderful Holiday season and we wil see you soon.
And I heard him exclaim, in that dark Creepmas Night Scary Creepmas to all
And to all a good night...

Good Night all...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 12---its 12/12/12

Magical mystical month this with 12/12/12 It only happen ONCE in a century and the end of the Mayan Calendar 12-21-12 with lot's of specualtion-a 3 mile wide comet passed between Earth and the moon today so its a strange time to be celebrating the 13 days of Creepmas---
For today another bookmark and my last for this year---the most requested image I have ever done-you can't believe how many people have asked for her and here she is:

Its a very detailed image so you will probably be able to see it better later today on ETSY along with the secret EDT image.
Tomorrow I turn to THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS for my most conroversial image EVER! Don't miss it!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog Hop Day11

Todays image features my popular Imps or goblins as they try to decorate a treewithout a ladder.
Its called HOLD STILL!:

Becuae of a little glitch and a woopsie as we call them-Donna ended up being the daily winner yesterday (dec 10) so have fun searching for todays new image. On to GLORIA....

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blog Hop 10

I hope someone is keeping track in the daily contest wins-I have no idea if its Donna or Caroline but one fo them will take home the images they didnt win on Friday-the big prize goes to whomever got the most daily wins so it has to be neck and neck at this point.
I've saved up some really fun images for these last days so keep an eagle eye out for that EDT image.
I'm conflicted about which of two images for Day 10 but lets start the week off with a BANG---Here's SURPRISE!!!:\

Nothing Like a green Goblin popping out of your Creepmas Gift to get your heart pumping eh?
These silly guys are so much fun to do and I'm always surprised when someone else colours them how their expressions change.
I've recieved a lot of really nice compliments about how I breathe life into my charecters and I have to give the Thanks to all those years of Walt Disney and Warner Brothers Cartoons-those companies really showed the way to making cartoony charecters living and breathing entities.
When I was teaching art I always talked about "Line Vitality"-it's what makes a persons work LOOK like that eprsons work and what you have to capture in order to create images like they do-Ifind it very hard to draw Disney charecters yet I know people who can knock them out at the frop of a hat-it just doesn't fit my style but I love to look at what those artists and the Disney design people can do.
OK on to the hop-no smeared and smudged today but the Creepmas blog is still rolling along-SNS will be back tomorrow-----have fun at Gloria's.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blog Hop-day 9

Nine is one of those mystic numbers that shows up so often Cat o Nine Tails, Love potion number 9-Plan 9 from Outer space...
Here we are at day 9-for those not keeping track Donna won today on the daily image contest.
This is an odd day so Smeared and smudged will have new blog entries today-remember they are every other daythrough Dec 13....our hop and the Official Creepmas Blog Hop run through the 13th.
For today's new image I have a creepmas Jester---another image that could be usd pretty much all year depending on how he is coloured up!

Creepy Creepmas Jester will be available later today in my ETSY shoppe-now what else did he do for today?
Go FISH....
(LOL remember that? Do kid's still play FISH?)
The little pink reindeer is from Itkupilli-her grngy Fun Christmas pack I think-LOVE her digital decoupage stuff! Find her on Etsy and blogger.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Here we are at day 8 of the amazing 13 days of Creepmas with RSD and the EDT Blog Hop.
My image of the day:
Creepmas Witch
I know its odd-what was I thinking?
Suitablefor both Halloween AND Creepmas???
Not as gory or bizarre as some of my stuff?
Builds strong bodies 12 ways? NO thats Wonder Bread>
ANyway thats it-I have nothing else to say.
Creepmas Witch.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 7-lucky or just Friday?

Hey Ho all-its the end of the FIRST week of the blog hop and this is middle day-six days behind us and six days to come.
Need Something Brilliant for Friday so lets have this image:
This is YOU WANT WHAT? my very annoyed Santa and is the very first thing I coloured with Spectrum Noir pens-I didnt even have a whole set yet so I was a bit limited on my colour choices.
I was so excited I had to share this image with my EDT and then swear them to secrecy so they have seen this one already.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing it=now hop on to GLORIA and enjoy the rest of the hop!
Do remember there are hops at Smeared and Smudged-there have been some wonderful projects over there and also the official Creepmas hop-handy badge buttons on the sidebars to go visit them!
The mystery image is out there and both new images will be at my ETSY shoppe later today.
OH, BTW the YOU WANT WHAT Digi comes in 2 versions one with the black starry background and one without-you get BOTH versions when you buy the image.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 6---what will it bring???

So you've arrived at me from either intent or from the Creepmas Hop. I am the beginning blog for the Rick St dennis Creepmas Blog hop which runs the same 13 days as the official Creepmas blog hop-theroll forour blog is on my sidebar so if you want tohop our blog now go for it-Lots of art and creative creepiness-just be sure to come back to me and then go visit Aunty Donut next.
Aunty is also a very creative lady.
On my blog today I am rolling out a new image called The CREEPMAS Party Dress.

In the tradition of "I got Decoratin to do" and "Let's have reindeer for Creepmas" this image features one of my bug eyed sub-humanoids in her Holiday best off to slug back a few eggnogs and maybe a few fellow party goers as well.
She will be available later today along with the treasure hunt Image.
Have fun hopping along-we're not quite halfway thru the 13days pleanty of thrills and chills yet to come.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blog Hop Day 5

I have two images for you today BOTH SNOWMEN---The first haunted me because COLD TO TROT kept running thru my head-soI did a murderous snowman as a bookmark or tag to share with you.

They make all those killer snowman films and they are never very scary-don't know why-I certainly wouldn't want to meet this bloke in a snowy field.
BTW we've changed the way we do the product listings so the samples are up whenever but they won't be listed till probably 10am or so pacific time in the ETSY shoppe-this in an effort to make it harder to find the secret images.
Now after I did this image I thought what if a killer hid the body in a snowman but there was an unseasonal thaw OR what if a monster snowman ATE somebody and the body thawed out thru the snow-person???
Nasty, wet corpse; hence my 2nd offering for today:

Sorry I got carried away with those Rhinestone swirly thingies-
So thats the two images I am rolling out and somewhere there is another-go find it and then scurry back and let me know what and where and wine all 3 images-not a bad mornings work eh?
From me to Gloria on our Hop-Aunty Donut on the 12 days hop but hop ours first, then smeared and smudged and then pop over and take a look at their hop properly some very strange and creative folks over that way.
Have fun and play nicely...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 4 - Creepmas Blog Hop

So far so good eh?
I've had a wonderful time thus far and seems like so has the design team despite how fast they are scrambling to keep all the blogs up, posted and running.
No Smeared and Smudged today since they are on alternates so you can enjoy our hop and the official Creepmas Hop.
I decided we needed some humor today so I am offering SURRENDER RUDOLPH:

This is another of those images that was rolling around inside my head and quite frankly it looks much more blended in person-I dont know what happened with the scan.
Reindeer Chili anyone?
Don't forget the daily prize and the ATC giveaway contest (Hazel)-so much more yet to comein the next 9 days-it will be Christmas before we know what hit us...
Happy Hopping!
Donna M. was yesterdays winner so we have had a differant winner each day-how cool is that?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Creepmas BLog hop Day 3, Monday

Congrads to Caroline our daily winner from yesterday-she won the 2 Randi Dandi images and the creepmas snowman greeting digi.
Hope you are having fun and enjoying all the creepy wonderful projects and posts-there will be lots today since its a "ON" day at Smeared and Smudged as well as ours and the official Creepmas much to see and take inspiration from.
I am still undecided as I sit her today about which Image to roll out for you???
Especially since I have Santa, Snowman and Reindeer over on my regular blog.
So maybe a little something ANgelic?

This is Creepmas Angel BUTCH-he has an attitude and a slight whiff of sulpher about him.
You will notice when you look at the sample image in the Etsy shoppe he was drawn with a somewhat raggedy halo. Check it out HERE.
It's a bit hard to fussy cut and I actually goofed when Iprinted the digi and lost part of the halo so I just made him a gold paper and rhinestone one on the card-I do think the Tatty one is more interesting however.
Butch is once again coloured with Spectrum Noir pens in warm tans and yellow, flesh tones and some greys for shading-his hair is mostly from the Golden Brown Palatte.
I think its sort of a cute image for a boy/male card-I like his big old dumb feet and the spiders in his armpits-I know teenagers like that...LOL
Anyway, I had done him up in pale flesh tones and then decided he needed to be more creepy to I just toned him with greens (LG 1 thru 5) and also gave him a washover with CT 1 and 2 yellows-I like the effects-sort of billious and sickish---I love layering with the Spectrum Noirs-the colours are clean and the transparency is such that one can get a really good graphic novel or animation feel by suing layering techniques.
I am also getting used to the lifting qualityin the lighter pens-when you glaze a darker colour part of the effect is tolift some of the pigment and that helpsthe blend but in my case it also helps make a change of mind much easier when one is working in pastel tones especially.
Have fun today, find that prize image and we'll see you tomorrow with lots of new creepiness to share.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Creepmas Day 2 of 13

Thanks to all our visitors yesterday and for all the great comments that were shared.
Also congrads to the winner of the daily prize VICKY F. and the newsletter image prize on Facebook ELENOR S.-these two ladies will both recv a free copy of yesterdays ALICE digi rolled out by Monique and since my digi was a freebie they will get a copy of THE PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS which appeared on my regular blog-ladies please contact me at for your prize as usual!
I am rolling out TWO images today-new Christmas gals from my RANDI DANDI LINE.
The first is ASTARRA-she is also BTW the symbol on my EDT badges for 2013.

Astarra is ready for the Holiday parties with her two tone hair colour and starry gold jewelry-hopefully she won't be outdone by showing up at a party with TRIESTE

Trieste volunteered at the Hairshow and was done up like a Christmas tree so here she is ornaments ready and off to her various holiday events.
Both were enormous fun to colour and I am gratified by how popular the Randi Dandi line has been-I started out with about 20 designs and have many more than that now for just about every occasion and style.
Have fun hopping today I managed to do our hop path and Smeared and Smudged yesterday but today I intend to go for all three blog hops-remember to comment if you are so inclined and have a wonderful time!
St dennis blog hoppers go on to GLORIA here!
Creepmas 2012 Blog Hoppers go on to Aunty Donuts HERE.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Starting off with a FREEBIE

WELCOME to our first annual CREEPMAS blog hop with the Rick St dennis EDT team.
It seemed like we had forever from when we started talking about doing this till now but any crafter knows how those hours fly by when you're getting ready for a huge project like this one-13 days of projects.
There's more of course but lets start out with my roll out for today-I decided since it's Freebie Saturday (first Saturday of the month) I would welcome you with a free image and its ONLY for one day so be sure and grab it while you can.
My tribute to the creepiness of New Years Eve (which I think is truly the worst holiday of the year)----and it's gonna be 2013 how cool is that??? Only one 13 in a century so nice to have it coincide with our 13 day hop. SORRY the FREEBIE is OVER
I am so proud that I have my own sample to show you using this image!!! Yes indeedy yours truly got his own set of Spectrum Noir pens, printed out the image on Seth Cole Vellum Sketch 68lb stock and then crafted this project using my various stash items just for this hop-AND I have a new project (or two) for each day.

I used just about every flesh colour, corals, blues and greys and some yellows and tans for this tag-what I did was purchase the 24 pen sets (there are 4 of them) and so thats what I used for the projects-I sure felt the holes so I now have a full set of Spectrum Noir pens that I am slowly learning to use-My inclination is to just use them like water colours or any marker but the possibilities of the blending and so on with the alcohol inks has me fascinated so I am TRYING to learn to colour the way their Tutorials tell you to but I am resisiting so I will probably never pass their certification program.
Hazel Thomson from my EDT is certified with Spectrum Noir pens and has done at least one Tutorial for them.
I had passed out thge 2013 image to the design team early so here is a coloured sample from Gloria that is very differant from mine!

Also today we are having a contest with this image on my Facebook fan site "rick st dennis digi fans and friends" So I am expecting to see all sorts of variations of this image...
Don't forget the daily contest-somewhere in the blog hop there is a new image that just rolled out today when you find it post on that blog and then rush back here and post what the image is and where you found the new image-you must be first on BOTH blogs to post in order to win the image-on future days you will also win the new image from MY blog-yes there are 2 images per day being rolled out but today everyone is a winner because of the free image.
We appreciate comments so much so there may also be a prize at the end of the blog hop on the 14th for the person that left the most or the best comments throughout the hop.
Thanks to Lady B who wrote out the code so I could have the blog roll in the side bar over there----------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>
And be sure you also visit the 12 days of Creepmas Blog Hop on Smeared and Smudged and the 13 days of Creepmas blog hop on the official Creepmas blog-there are handy badge links on the side bar for both blogs!
From here you hop on to GLORIA's blog so enjoy the wonderful creepmas creations and good luck on all the fun and festive contests---CLICK HERE

Creepmas Blog Hops Start here

Hi and welcome to the first annual Creepmas Blog Hop with Rick St dennis and my wonderful EDT ladies-we will be hopping for 13 days starting Saturday Dec 1, 2012 with new projects and new images every day for 13 days.
For the St DENNIS BLOG HOP you start here with me and then move on to GLORIA.
Here is a run down of our blog hop order:
Lady B
For Smeared and Smudged 12 days of Creepmas running on alternate days from Dec 1 thru Dec 23 you go HERE.
Some of my EDT ladies will be on the SNS blog hop as well so we suggest you hop our path first and then go over to Smeared and Smudged and hop their path to avoid getting lost.
Finally the official Creepmas blog hop starts HERE.
If you are hopping the CREEPMAS BLOG PATH you should have arrived at my blog from AEIOU AND SOMETIMES WHY and your next stop will be AUNTY DOUGHNUTS SHOPPE
You can find a complete blog path for Smeared and Smudged and for the official CREEPMAS BLOG HOP on their respective blog hop home pages.
Have fun and remember to comment so we know you have visited!
Have yourself a scary little CREEPMAS...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog hop contest

Just want to make sure you all understand the 13 days of creepmas blog hop contest:
Starting Dec 1 (saturday) there will be a brand new image on My blog here at Airless Chambers AND somewhere along the hop path a new image on one of the EDT blogs you must find the roll out image on the EDT blog and post THERE then come back and post here at Airless Chambers what you found and where-The first person that posts on BOTH blogs that they have found the image and where will win that days prize.
We also have the mailing list image contest going on at Rick St dennis DIGI FANS AND FRIENDS over at Facebook so be sure to check that out on Saturday.
Looking forward to 13 days of fun!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blog Hop run down

The blog HOPS begin in about a week (Dec 1, 2012)
On the official CREEPMAS blog hop you arrive at my blog from AEIOU AND SOMETIMES WHY and you will go next to BAT N' KAT
On OUR blog hope with the St Dennis EDT gang you start with ME and you move on to GLORIA (Creepy Glowbugg).
I will be publishing a full roster of participants before DEC 1-some members are doing all 13 days and some alternating days.
ALSO, Smeared and Smudged hopping ever other day thru Dec 23, 2012-you start at their BLOG but some of our members are going to be in there as well-so a little confusing but hey, it's creepmas...
Don't forget at Rick St dennis we are rolling out 26 new images one on MY blog here and the other on one of the 12 other blog particiapnts EVERY DAY for 13 days.
As always we have prizes-first be the person who discovers BOTH roll out images FIRST each day=post on the design team blog and MY blog when you find the two images-if you are the first to post on both blogs you will win BOTH images that day (so be sure to leave you email addy somewhere)-the person with the most DAILY wins at the end of the hop will get all tghe new images they didn't win along the way-so one person will have the whole set of 26 images-Thats a HUGE prize eh?
Above all have fun-Creepmas is not disrespectful-it started as a backlash at retailers who started rolling Halloween into stores in July so they could be moving it out and replacing it with Christmas mnerchandise in Early October---one didnt even get to enjoy Halloween before the Christmas Bells were ringing-when I was kid (in the days between the advent of dirt and white thread) we never saw Santa till AFTER Thanksgiving-I think it made things more exciting and the Holiday season had a rythem that was more laid back and Fall drifted leisurely into Winter-now it seems to be artificial snowing in July.
I want to thank all my EDT for participating and going above and beyond to do all the hops!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Many of my gang will also be doing the officialCreepmas site blog hop dec 1 thru 13

If you're into Halloween and the creepier side of things be sure to follow the CREEPMAS hop which has all sorts of weird stuff including decor, stories and general insanity...its fun...
Click the link on the left <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Monday, November 5, 2012

Coming DEC 1 thru 13. 2012

Forthe first time ever the Rick St dennis MFA EDT will celebrate the 13 days of Creepmas witha blog hop that will bring daily projects from Many of the design teams members AND every day we will roll out a brand new St. dennis digi image somewhere along the hop route...
As a matter of fact we will roll out TWO images one on my post and one an one of the EDT Blogs-the treasure hunt will be like this-each day from Dec 1 thru 13 try to find the roll out Image on one of the EDT blogs-when you find it be the first to post a comment that you've found the roll out image and then RUSH back here and also post a comment that you've founf it-the first person who posts correctly on BOTH places will win that days roll out images. At the end of the hop the person with the most daily wins will also win the images they didnt get-so the winner will end up with 26 free images as a prize=pretty good prize huh?
If your tastes wander over to the neighborhood of the BIZARRE and twisted-don't miss our first annual 13 daysof Creepmas Blog Hop-AND don't stop there you can also enjoy the 12 days of Creepmas as Smeared and Smudged presents their annual Blog Hop with a dark view of the Holiday.

Smeared and Smudged will hold their 12 DAYS OF CREEPMAS on alternate days beginning on Dec 1 and running through the 23rd-they have astonishingly good prizes-find out MORE about their event by clicking HERE!
SO much to look forward to-so little time to wait...It all starts DEC 1-right here on my NEW blog AIRLESS CHAMBERS the OTHER Rick St dennis blog...AND at Smeared and Smudged!
We'll be keeping an eye out for you...literally

Watch for my NEW BLOG

Coming soon-mid november 2012
By Lady Brayton - Rick St dennis EDT - 2012
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